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Then I met him!

Then I met him!

Then I met him!

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    Then I met him!
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    Holy demon
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    Sky Book
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2022-08-24 20:19:00
Song Xiangnian found it difficult to make a little money as a receptionist, she approached he Bingyu who suffered from serious mental illness, but she was teased and driven away many times after the bizarre incident of being thrown into the cemetery at night, song Xiangnian couldn't bear it... "don't think you're great with a few bad money!" she was angry and looked contemptuous he Zhiyu said coldly, "you are nothing but good-looking." she was about to retort when she saw he Zhiyu touch the next cup, "I think you can bear it." "don't think, a gentleman can be killed or humiliated." he moved the cup away and pressed a bank card under it wait... Song Xiangnian thinks she can again...... Professional receptionist vs surprised xiaoxiulang women are beautiful and men are more beautiful a woman can't dance, but a man can't dance. It's amazing the female owner can't embroider. The male owner can embroider dead ones alive Song Xiangnian's female leader's aura was destroyed. When she went out and encountered a robbery, she had to stand aside for he Zhiyu, song Xiangnian is his blind staff. He goes wherever she points. from then on, joy is her, tears are her, and the rest of his life is her.

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