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A concubine moves Huajing

A concubine moves Huajing

A concubine moves Huajing

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    A concubine moves Huajing
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    Grass green and white
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    Cool Novel
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Mu Changying didn't expect that he who "hit Kefu" killed himself on the eve of his wedding Mu Changying did not expect that he had married when he opened his eyes again Mu Changying didn't expect that the husband after his rebirth was the treacherous Minister Xu Wang who wanted to marry but didn't want to marry when he died Mu Changying didn't even think that her death had moved someone's chess game childhood sweetheart is the adopted son of the family a real husband is a treacherous and powerful minister in the court confidently is a life and death friend who grew up together there is also the master of the East Palace who is determined to the original master but she doesn't want to talk to me she just wants to know why she was accused of marriage? How did you die want to know how the owner of this body died want to know why someone doesn't let her go even if she is reborn do you want to know who you are so in order to live, you must hold your thighs in a flattering way hold one thigh, which is below one person and above ten thousand people hold a leg that can pretend to be powerful hold a thigh that you hate but have to smile at the same time, she has a new problem - why do you always tease her if her thigh is not good Mu Changying killed him all the way alone, but he couldn't escape someone's palm "ah! What's to frame you? I can't kill my thighs!" a woman who is keen on holding her thighs in business × The man who engages in business and teases the little wild cat by the way

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