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HP dandelion direction

HP dandelion direction

HP dandelion direction

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    HP dandelion direction
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    The strange of gleaning
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    Health Books
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2022-08-08 17:41:02
This book is Harry Potter's same humanities, original female owner, badger house, many private, more daily we can't change the main line. We just live a humble but warm and beautiful life outside the main line. War is inevitable, and the final choice is also necessary. But before that, we also had countless small blessings and troubles, headache for papers and exams, and strive to grow for great friendship and love there are always dandelions swaying gently outside the window of Hufflepuff's lounge, but do you know its meaning dandelion symbolizes the love that can't stay because the seeds drift all their life. And I think such flowers represent a free soul and endless love. Our souls are free, regardless of blood, any bias and choice. As long as we exist in this world, we can love each other, be crazy, dance in the streets of London late at night, and lie far away from the crowd to enjoy peeping into the cruelty and beauty of the world therefore, I ask dandelion and wind to spread your love to all corners of the world, so that you can always feel surrounded by love and never be lonely.

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