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My wardrobe can cross the plane

My wardrobe can cross the plane

My wardrobe can cross the plane

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    My wardrobe can cross the plane
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    Zhuo hang
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2022-09-06 14:55:21
PS: no stallion, no CP ~ meiqiang miserable female owners, many handsome men and beautiful women -- I moved into the legendary haunted house and met a strange wardrobe. My originally dull life began to become wonderful. I carefully grabbed the opportunity of super power out of control and climbed to the peak of life in the sky. After joining the ace agent to learn to become a spy agent, I didn't expect to return to the original world. Later, I went to study Chinese martial arts with Ye Wen and was taught the northern netherworld magic skill by the eight heavenly dragons, Teach the immortal carving Xia little dragon nun Xiuxian to kill the Western giant dragon Shi Maoge in the middle land, and return to reality to help after becoming popular. Full time hunters open their reading ability, chakra, soul chopping knife, and grab the magic cube of the universe... If before that, the human life span of more than 100 years was a little more for Gong Jiu, but now after approaching the magnificent world through the wardrobe, The so-called immortality is only a necessary condition for her exploration I thought that the real earth is the most common, but I didn't expect that the inheritance of the earth is the most complete. Those colorful civilizations, strange histories and creatures that once existed... Are they the glory of the past or the illusion of mapping the wardrobe can be used as a medium to connect different planes, movies, novels and animation PPS: This article has the original world of several authors, not just the world of animation, film and TV series

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